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  • Vanik is a Hindi word - meaning trader or businessman. Vanik.com is devoted to agency / distribution / franchise business
  • Vanik is a Hindi word - meaning trader or businessman. Vanik.com is devoted to agency / distribution / franchise business
  • Vanik.com is the largest and oldest portal on distribution channel related business information Thousands of Manufacturers, Importers, Traders etc.
  • visit Vanik.com in search of suitable agents/distributors/franchise everyday Large number of individuals and businesses from all parts of India visit Vanik.com for agency/distribution/franchise related opportunities Both groups, namely companies and aspiring agents/distributors/franchise, interact freely at Vanik.com and negotiate mutually beneficial relationship Ace InfoBanc Private Limited (InfoBanc) is the organization responsible for development of this online initiative Ace InfoBanc has been disseminating value added information on Indian Business, Trade & Industry. Since 1997, it has helped large number of Indian and overseas companies to transact business through its network of B2B Portal

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Noor Ali

Four 40 Healtcare

" How A Successful Go-To-Market Strategy Helped An Indian Start-Up "

Mr. Aniket Aghaw

Naija Organic Cosmetics

"Naija Organic Cosmetics manufactures Organic cosmetic products like Body Wash, Face Cream, Shampoo etc. The products are certified by ISO 9001:20015, and Organic Certified by NPOP. "

Mr. Rajat Pandhi

Panban Terra

"Panban Terra is a channel partner of Amazon Easy Store program. They approached Vanik for a solution for onboarding large number of distributors and retailers in Amazon Easy Store program."

Team Soothika


"Soothika is a well known brand in Kerala. They have a great product addressing niche market with unique offerings."

Mr. Deepak Thareja

First Step Digital Private Limited

"First Step Digital is a marketing company, started by industry veterans, who take pride in marketing 'daring' niche products that traditional companies may not touch."


Ruchi Biscuit Industries

"Ruchi Biscuit Industries is an upcoming biscuit manufacturing company from Balanagar in Telangana."

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